Double Vision Alaska Book


Text by Jona Van Zyle & Joan Schultz
Forward by Martin Buser—4-time Iditarod Champion
Release Date: July 2020


Legendary Alaskan artists Jeff Schultz and Jon Van Zyle have combined their arts, talents and wilderness eyes to create a timeless masterpiece that portrays the true spirit of Alaska. These two greats have given those who love “The Last Frontier” an incredible gift. — Hobo Jim, Alaska’s Official State Balladeer



Jeff and Jon are two artists and friends that live and work in Alaska. Jeff Schultz is a photographer and Jon Van Zyle is an artist. Both are longtime Alaskans with a deep love for the Last Frontier.

In a unique combination of camera and canvas, the two present an intimate perspective of the great state of Alaska, in its four distinct seasons, that can only be captured across many years of adventure, exploration, and friendship.  Jeff, in his photography, and Jon, in his painting, reveal their deep love for the natural world, an appreciation for the unique culture of Alaska, and an invitation to explore the wilds of the Last Frontier.

For every double page spread, each artist has selected their favorite image (painting or photo) and then combined it with a smaller, supporting image from the other artist to further the page theme. Like a tapestry or a symphony, the embellishments and variations enrich the final product.

In several instances, Jeff and Jon have combined their artistic talents to create a unique new format to enhance each other’s work.  Jon actually paints on one of Jeff’s photographs to combine their visions, creating a whole new portrayal.

Enjoy the anecdotal commentary provided by the artists’ wives, Joan Schultz and Jona Van Zyle, as they serve as your tour guides through all four seasons in their home state.  Their added insight into the creativity and dedication of their husbands’ work pursuits acts as a backstage pass to the experience of capturing the essence of Alaska through photography and paintbrush.

ALL Books ordered from this website are signed by the four collaborators… Jon, Jona, Jeff and Joan. If you would like your book personalized to someone, please write this information in the NOTES section of the order page.


Book Details:

  • Size: 11″ x 9 1/4″
  • Pages: 144 full color
  • Hardback with dust jacket
  • Over 120 Photographs and Paintings and collaborative images of both.
  • ALL Books ordered from this website are signed by the four collaborators… Jon, Jona, Jeff and Joan.


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Combination Artwork

Several of the combination art pieces where Jon Van Zyle has painted his memory on top of one of Jeff Schultz’s photos are available as limited-edition art. Some are available as art-on-metal and some in Giclee paper prints.

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